Mission Statement

Synotio Business Communications Provider is an independent telecommunication service provider that offers business solutionpackages which include low cost line rental, network features, calls and broadband services. Our aim is to help our customers to save money with improved efficiency and more customer centric packages.
Our ethos is simple; help the business community prosper and make sure they can connect to their customers, quickly, effectively and reliably.With 12 month agreements available across all of our packages, we aim to keep our customers happy so they will stay with Synotio Business Communications Provider for years to come!
Synotio Business Provider Customer Service Promise We are committed to delivering excellent customer service through our Synotio Business Communications Provider Customer Service Promise. Our Customer Care Policy sets out what this commitment means in practice, what our customers can expect from us and what we expect from our customers. We make it our business to ensure that everyone receives the same high quality service from us, no matter who they are dealing with. For further information about any of our products or services, our Telecoms and Broadband Terms & Conditions, Sales and Marketing, Complaints Handling and Alternative Dispute Resolution Codes of Practice, please see our website at www.Synotio.co.uk

Dealing with Telephone Enquiries
• We will answer all calls quickly and politely;
• We will give our name and ask you how we can help you;
• You will be dealt with in a courteous and polite manner;
• Wherever possible we will aim to oer you a First Call Resolution service;
• If it will take some time to answer your query, or we need to speak to another department and they are unavailable,
we will ring you back, at a time that you have said is convenient;
• All staff will aim to find a solution to your queries, if they are not able to do so your query will be referred to another
department or a team manager who will deal with it straight away if available or within six business hours if not;
• If we fail to meet these standards we will always apologise and try to put it right.
Dealing with Email Enquiries
• We will acknowledge emails within 12 business hours of receipt,
• Wherever possible we will aim to send a full response to email enquiries within 3 working days of receipt.
Some enquiries may take longer, in these cases we will acknowledge and send a full response or an update within 10
working days;
• Our reply will be helpful and informative and we will avoid using jargon or overly technical language.
Dealing with Written Enquiries
• All written correspondence will be acknowledged within 1 working day of receipt;
• Wherever possible, you will receive a full reply within 10 working days. If it is going to take us longer, we
will contact you to let you know why this is the case;
• Our reply will be helpful, informative and we will avoid using jargon or overly technical language;
• If you have written a letter of complaint, this will be dealt with under our Complaints Handling and Alternative Dispute
Resolution Code of Practice which is available on request and on our website at www.synotio.co.uk.
Dealing with Face-to-Face Enquiries
• Synotio Business Communications Provider Sales Agents’ are fully trained to comply with Synotio Business Communications Provider Code of
Conduct – Sales and Marketing of Fixed-Line Business Telephone and Broadband Services, a copy of this is available upon
request or at our website, www.Synotio.co.uk;
• Our Sales Agents are required to act responsibly when dealing face to face with our customers and they will deal with
you in a polite and welcoming manner;
• Appointments will be made during the hours of 8am to 8pm unless the customer specifically requests an appointment
outside of these hours;
• Upon arrival our Sales Agent will identify themselves immediately, stating the company name and purpose of the visit;
• All Sales Agents are issued with a company identity badge which clearly displays our company name, unique
identification number and Agent’s photograph. This will be shown upon request;
• Sales Agents are required to adhere to our good practice policies when marketing and selling Synotio Business Communications
Provider products and services to our customers.
Field based Sales Team – personal appointments may be made to suit you from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday or outside
of these times if more convenient; please contact our Sales Team on 0161 393 8884 to arrange an appointment.
What We Ask of Our Customers
• At Synotio Business Communications Provider we are committed to providing the best customer experience. Our staff will always do
their best to deal with situations they encounter in a calm and professional manner. We hope that you, as our customer,
will do the same;
• In certain cases where customers are persistently rude, abusive or threatening towards our sta we will try to resolve the
situation to the customer’s satisfaction, in a calm manner. In a minority of cases,
• Where this is not proving possible, staff will politely state their intention to terminate the call or leave the meeting;
• In these cases, staff will make a member of their immediate Management Team aware and will record the details of the

call or meeting on our internal systems. In appropriate cases we will contact the customer by telephone within 6 business hours to progress any outstanding issues. If you feel that we have not met the standards set out in this policy, please speak to our Customer Services Team in the first instance, to provide feedback. All feedback received will be investigated and, where required, escalated to a member of the Customer Services Management or Compliance Team. We will contact you to provide a full response within 10 working days.

Please visit our website www.Synotio.co.uk for any further information.